'The Hollowbridge Heroes’ is a beautifully illustrated and delightfully written children’s book about the adventures of a band of woodland animals battling against a group of invaders from the city, intent on burying nuclear waste in the village’s nearby sleepy and precious woods.

Beneath the surface, serious environmental issues are brought to the attention of the reader, though never detracting from the story.

'A delightfully illustrated book- read with a smile on one's face throughout. I was reminded of all the childhood books I had read, yet 'The Hollowbridge Heroes' brought something fresh and new to the genre. Environmental issues are cleverly interwoven into the plot and add to the interest and relevance. I would recommend it to both children and adults of all ages'.
Jersey Now Magazine.

The Hollowbridge Heroes is available in hardback or as adownloadable PDF.
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Eight years in the making, this exceptionally detailed novel graphically describes the Siege of Malta in 1565, and the daily life and struggles of the soldiers and ordinary people involved on both sides.

The Siege months are the setting for a heart pounding, rip roaring romantically charged historical novel chronicling the titanic struggle of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John and the people of Malta against the invading Ottoman armies of Sultan Suleiman and his Turkish Armada.

Amazingly authoritative and graphic descriptions of naval warfare of the period lead into the terrifying and horribly destructive siege and land warfare where over 50,000 Islamic and Christian soldiers died over the course of 4 tortuous months.

And behind this monumental struggle is an artfully told stirring story of love and intrigue, murder and passion.

Pirates Of Christ is availble as a downloadable E-Book.
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15 miles from France lies the small Channel Island of Jersey. It is a self governed finance centre and tourist destination. Only 10 miles by 5, it has a population of over 90,000 yet still retains its stunning natural beauty. But for how long?

The environmental group Save Our Shoreline is currently battling with the government as a huge incinerator is being built on a site out to sea adjacent to a Ramsar area of international importance. The site is on reclaimed seabed, which experiences the highest tides in Europe, yet it contains huge amounts of toxic waste. Can this safely be contained and not leach to sea? SOS have proved otherwise.

Save Our Shoreline are fighting to improve safety and raise awareness internationally and at home. The story is fascinating and followers of environmental issues will be gripped by the current battle. Click the logo to catch up on the story!

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